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Hello! I am Kenneth Perpina! From Puerto Rico. My passion for dreamcatchers started in 2010, while I was watching a movie were a dreamcatcher appeared. I was intrigued about dreamcatchers and wanted to learn more about them. After searching information about dreamcatchers for a couple of days, I took a metal hanger, pliers, ribbons, strings, feathers, and created my first dreamcatcher. 

 So where dreams and strings kp comes from?


One day I was speaking with my partner about the name of my bussines. Since my art is directed primarily towards dreamcatchers, we came up with the idea of putting a completely different name. So the word "dreams" originates from the dreamcatchers, and "strings" originates from most of my art which are made in its majority out of string, and KP are the initials of my name. 


I hope you enjoy this space, and if you come up with any questions contact me!

And remember, never forget to dream!

home decor, weaving, macrame wall decor

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